• High-end cutting knife
    Coil industry, cutting, cutting, cutting, industrial automation,
    high-end machinery and equipment, product + technology + service integration and supply
  • Precision cutter
    Slitting knife
    revolving knife
  • Industrial knife(LENRID GROUP)
    Professional production: wood rotary cutter, Paula cutter, steel knife, spiral knife
    nano technology, super wear-resistant, super sharp!
  • Extreme
    LENRID Technology
    Lenrid not only to provide products,
    but also to provide technical support!
    Six industrial development, ten major industry applications.
  • International precision manufacturing
    LENRID Factory
    From 1998, professional mechanical tools,
    machine tool manufacturing

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LENRID Group - New manufacturing, new heights, new fields

LENRID GROUP the development of six major industries [high-end cutting knife, industrial automation, mechanical blade, industrial knives, saws, industrial industrial mold] leading industrial manufacturing, new heights, new areas; new manufacturing, through innovation and efficient quality of supply; new height, high precision, high quality, high service; new areas, new equipment new customers material and product application.

Lenrid industrial automation - leading international Slitter in New Era

Lenrid industrial automation leading global cutting machine equipment manufacturing, entered a new era of intelligent high precision, cutting production, sustainable solutions with a knife, sales customer service integration. To provide you with air pressure cutter, pneumatic turret, dovetail groove guide, high rigid shaft roller, deviation correction control system, tension control system, gas expansion shaft and other professional products.

LK-MKC Shear type pneumatic slitting knife

The continuation of family type industrial automation design LENRID, high-end atmosphere on the level of the contour line structure, LK-MKC shear type pneumatic cutter, can be described as the "SUV" series of products, with strong power, common in large slitter rewinder device, fifth generation upgrade products listed. Designs adhering lanrid family Seiko architecture color to the "apple of gold", four bit precision pneumatic membrane, precision cutting, high-end equipment debut Conference...OPEN

  • Lenrid industrial automation mechatronics, tension control system, one-stop shoppingOPEN
  • High hardness bottom cutter shaft roller and high hardness bottom cutter shaft sleeve, which is escort for press cutting machineOPEN

Sustainable development of industry

LENRID for build stable innovation and industrial development, combined with its six manufacturing industries, nine modules extends from industrial production of precision, high-end industrial equipment integration, industrial technology development, the existing project development based, force create financial industry, with capital to help the development of SMEs in the early, participate in the Nova equipment research and development, participate in industry of the future market opportunities for development. To build a stable, efficient, innovative and sustainable group industry for LENRID.


LENRID TV, with enterprise video, product video, product application and production of video, technical information and video. For the majority of customers and friends to create a one-stop industrial technology video community.

Corporate announcements

Contact the business cooperation, please contact us directly, lanrid Group official website www.lenrid.com...(more)